ADHD or Sleep Apnea?

3.5 million kids may need better sleep, not meds. Support the test that gives parents the power of a second opinion and an alternative to an overnight sleep lab.

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Did you know that 20 million children in the US snore, and a significant percentage of them are at risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)? Undiagnosed OSA could lead to obesity and high blood pressure, as well as hyperactivity, learning difficulties and behavior problems that are often misdiagnosed as ADHD. But because OSA can be a real pain to diagnose, lots of kids end up taking meds they may not need. We developed the Easy Peezy Pee Test to be a faster, simpler, and more accurate way to detect OSA in kids without the hassle, cost and discomfort of an overnight stay in a sleep lab. (Imagine trying to sleep hooked up to wires while strangers watch you!)

But we need your help to finish the development and clinical validation of the Easy Peezy Pee Test so pediatricians can use it and parents can ask for it! Unfortunately, this final step isn’t cheap, ...so we’ve launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to raise the $100,000 we need to get the Easy Peezy Pee Test, well, tested, approved, and made available to doctors and kids.

“What if it’s something entirely different and you’re just not aware of it? The Easy Peezy Pee Test can at least help determine if it’s OSA. And it can be done in your own home, which helps ease an already anxious time.”
Kristen Daukas
Mom, Blogger, and Founder of Ten to Twenty Parenting
"As a mom, I'm so thankful for the new technology that allows for a much easier and effective way of testing for OSA. Having friends who have been through the rigorous testing for ADHD, I can imagine how scary and overwhelming the process can be. This is the resource so many parents have been looking for!"
Stephanie Wonderlin
Mom, YouTuber, Digital Correspondent


Your generous donation will help us test the test to make sure Easy Peezy gets the approval it needs to empower doctors, parents and kids with a simple alternative to expensive sleep lab tests and unnecessary medications. Just pick a perk. We won't even make you pee in a cup. (Find more perks on our Indiegogo page)


Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a dangerous sleep disorder affecting millions of kids which causes their airway to collapse and brief pauses in their breathing as the flow of oxygen is blocked. In severe cases, their breathing may pause hundreds of times per night! But while you may only notice your child adorably snoring, this chronic decrease in oxygen can lead to high blood pressure, childhood obesity, depression, bed-wetting and an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Yikes!

Unfortunately, the most obvious symptoms of OSA – hyperactivity, inattention, learning difficulties, and behavior problems – mimic ADHD, so children with OSA are often misdiagnosed with ADHD and unnecessarily medicated. Because OSA can be expensive and tricky to diagnose, it’s often not explored. The good news? Treatment for OSA is a safe, common surgery to remove the tonsils and adenoids. The better news? We’ve developed a quick, accurate and less expensive way to diagnose OSA in kids: a pee test. We call it, the Easy Peezy Pee Test. But we need your help to get it in the hands of pediatricians and parents.



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About Us

The team at NuSomnea believes that OSA is a dangerous and costly disease for adults and children. We have seen first-hand the toll that OSA can take and we are passionately committed to finding better ways to identify people at risk for OSA and to motivate them to seek treatment.

Mike Thomas, our founder, has been at the forefront of innovation in both sleep lab and home sleep testing over the years. Now we believe we have found an exciting advancement for the detection of sleep apnea in children, using a simpler, easier, and more accurate method than traditional sleep lab testing.

Our co-founding partner, PGXL Laboratories, is an internationally recognized pioneer in the application of molecular diagnostics to pharmacogenetics and is the first laboratory to be CLIA-certified for pharmacogenetics testing. The founders, Dr. Roland Valdes, Jr. and Dr. Mark Linder, are among the worldwide thought leaders in the science of personalized medicine.

Because of our partnership with PGXL, NuSomnea will be able to rapidly refine, validate and introduce this test to pediatricians and parents. We need your support to take the next step in making this product available!



  • The funds raised through this effort will be used for two critical projects: 1) to complete the development of the test that will be used to analyze urine samples to detect and measure the presence of four specific proteins; and 2) to conduct a validation study in children, to confirm the results found in initial studies.
  • The Easy Peezy Pee Test will be available after the validation study has been completed. Timing of the assay completion and validation study depend upon the final amount of funds raised, but we expect the test to be available within 12 months of the Indiegogo campaign.
  • Initially, the Easy Peezy Pee Test will only be available in the USA, since testing involves the shipment of urine samples to our certified laboratory partner here in the USA. Eventually we will go through the process of making this test available in other countries as well.
  • The Easy Peezy Pee Test involves having your child pee in a specimen cup (provided) first thing in the morning, upon waking. The specimen container is then sealed and placed in the special mailer provided, for pre-paid shipment to our certified lab. At the lab, the urine sample is analyzed with the use of antibodies that seek out and attach to four specific biomarkers. If those four biomarkers are present at certain levels, then the test is positive for OSA.
  • Yes. The test measures the levels of certain proteins found in the urine. These protein levels reveal the amount of stress your child’s body was under due to the lack of oxygen caused by sleep apnea. So the presence and concentration of these proteins in the first morning urination will best reflect the issues with your child’s sleep breathing disturbances the night before.
  • Yes – the Easy Peezy Pee Test will require a physician’s prescription, at least in the early stages of its availability. When the Pee Test is available, we will contact your child's physician to provide order information for the test.
  • Test results will be sent to your child’s pediatrician within three days of receiving your child’s urine sample at our laboratory.
  • Test results can be obtained by email, by logging into a privacy-protected website, or by mail, depending upon the physician’s preference.
  • Your physician will receive the test results for your child. He/she will have recommended this test because of concerns about your child’s snoring, other risk factors for OSA, or because of symptoms that suggest ADHD. The physician will understand that the test is highly predictive of OSA and that a positive result means that an appropriate treatment course should be prescribed, following his/her diagnosis.
  • The only currently approved option for OSA testing in children is an overnight polysomnograph (PSG) study in a sleep laboratory. These studies are expensive ($1500-$3000), however they are usually reimbursed by insurance. The challenges are finding a sleep lab that specializes in children (most sleep labs do not conduct pediatric studies due to the expense and difficulty) and getting your child to actually sleep in the strange and intimidating laboratory environment. In a PSG, your child will have dozens of wires glued to their scalp, face and body, making it very uncomfortable to attempt to sleep. As a result, most parents do not want their children to undergo the stress of a sleep lab experience.

    The Easy Peezy Pee Test is unique in that it allows the child to be tested in the familiarity and safety of their own bedroom – the most natural sleep environment for them. The preliminary clinical validation studies showed that the test is remarkably accurate at detecting OSA. The measurement of four specific protein biomarkers in the morning urine tells the story of what has happened with your child’s disturbed breathing during the previous night’s sleep.

    The Easy Peezy Pee Test will cost less than what your 20% co-pay would be for a typical PSG lab test, making it very affordable. Plus, your doctor may want testing to be repeated periodically in order to monitor your child for the possibility that the sleep apnea may reoccur. As you can imagine, it will be very difficult to get your child to repeat the sleep lab experience if additional tests are needed.
  • The test has not yet been studied in adults, so its effectiveness at detecting OSA in adults has not been established.
  • The test is intended for children and adolescents between the ages of 2 and 17 years. The research studies conducted thus far have been with children between 2 and 9 years, which is the group most commonly diagnosed with pediatric OSA.
  • The Easy Peezy Pee Test is not yet approved by the FDA. The validation study that we will be funding through this Indiegogo effort will be instrumental in the FDA review.
  • Clinical studies will be conducted in order to achieve health insurance coverage for this diagnostic test in the near future.
  • Your physician can help you determine whether testing your child is appropriate.

    What is now known from research published in top medical journals is that as many as half of children diagnosed with ADHD also have OSA, either in addition to or instead of ADHD. Also, approximately half of the children thought to have ADHD respond to treatment for OSA or have their ADHD symptoms fully resolve.

    Given the long term health consequences of untreated OSA and the chance that OSA may be the real culprit of cognitive and behavioral problems, your doctor may feel that it makes sense to test for OSA to definitively rule it in or out. If OSA is present in addition to ADHD, recent studies published in medical journals suggest that treatment of ADHD will be more successful if the OSA is also diagnosed and treated.
  • Even though tonsil and adenoid surgery is the most common treatment for pediatric OSA and the effectiveness of these procedures is well-established, studies have shown that 15-20% of children can have residual OSA after treatment. Also, a substantial percentage of children can see symptoms reoccur within 3-5 years after tonsil and adenoid surgery. One advantage of the Easy Peezy Pee Test is that it can easily be repeated at any time to check for OSA symptoms.

    Since the test is inexpensive, requires no special preparations, and is conducted in the home after a night’s sleep, it is convenient for repeated use.

    For children who have not responded to tonsil and adenoid surgery or who have lost the treatment benefits over time, there are other treatment approaches that your physician will recommend. The most common and effective of these is the use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy.

The Easy Peezy Pee Test is in development and not yet available to doctors or consumers. The intent of this crowdfunding campaign is to raise enough money to complete the test development and validation phases.

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